Dry Process,  

This coffee comes from the region of Pedralva, in the Mantiqueira micro region. This particular lot is from Pedra Branca, a processing facility that was erected as part of a quality-focused initiative, providing the local farmers state of the art processing infrastructure where they can process smaller batch sizes. The climate in the area is ideal for producing naturals and this lot exemplifies this producing a sweet, fruited, and 'clean' cup. Like most Brazilian coffees, the cup significantly better with rest after roasting. Ten days is recommendated for pour over brewing.


Light & Aroma Boost Roast

- Dried apricot, Winey, Molasses sugar sweetness, spice, and sweetened peanut sauce. Bittersweet finish

Well Developed Roast

- Layered Cocoa, Roasted Almond, Ripe wine grape. Heavy Body.

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