Costa Rica Canet Yellow Catuaí Washed



Roaster's Choice of January 2018, available on 29 December 2017 !

Costa Rica Canet Yellow Catuaí Washed


Light Roast, Aroma Boost


Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Farm: Canet

Altitude: 1,980 masl

Variety: Yellow Catuaí

Processing: Washed


Costa Rica Canet Yellow Catuaí. It presents layers of vivid acidity, bright and strong sweetness, pleasant floral note and long honey aftertaste.  

To enjoy this Musician Series, let’s discover more about the Canet Yellow Catuaí.


It is common to see yellow coffee cherries in the high mountain coffee fields such as Tarrazu.


Yellow catuaí is a dwarf coffee tree that has its origin in the Instituto Agronômico de Campinas, (IAC) São Paulo State in Brazil. It is a hybrid between Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo. It tends to grow bigger coffee cherries, but is more sensitive to rain fall that is detrimental when harvest occurs in rainy season.


Canet is located in Costa Rica Tarrazu, the highest altitude zone there and plant with large amount of fruits such as passion fruit. Coffee here is planted in a specific area with special care; all coffee cherries are hand picked when reaching the harvest season.


Tasting note:

Earl Grey / Honey / Silky


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