Costa Rica Coope Libertad Catuai Washed


Costa Rica Coope Libertad Catuai Washed


Light Roast, Aroma Boost


Country: Costa Rica

Region: Cooperated Libertad

Altitude: 1,400 masl

Variety: Catuai

Processing: Fully Washed


The characteristic of Coope Libertad's cultivated areas of influence is the type of volcanic soil with excellent fertility and slightly wavy topography; very desirable for coffee cultivation.

The coffee producer associated with Coopelibertad is characterized by its tradition of cultivation, a good knowledge of the agricultural tasks that the crop needs, used to good practices of soil conservation and the environment. The preferred coffee varieties for cultivation are Caturra and Catuaì, although today the farmers have begun planting other cultivars such as the Central America Hybrid, Obatà and Marsellesa, in order to achieve tolerance to coffee leaf rust; a disease that was favored by the climate change and that by its aggressiveness has complicated the coffee activity and reduced its income considerably.


Tasting notes: Red fruit / Milk Chocolate / Stone fruit

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