Costa Rica Las Lajas Perla Negra

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Las Lajas is located at 1,300 to 1,500m in the foothills of the Poás volcano, in prime specialty coffee country in the Sabanilla de Alajuela region of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. This lush, fertile area is characterised by heavy and regular rainfall of around 3,000mm for 150 days of the year.

Natural processing at Las Lajas came about somewhat by accident. In February of 2008, an earthquake hit the region, and the farm remained without water and electricity throughout several crucial weeks during the harvest. In order to not salvage a large part of that year’s production, the family decided their only option was to continue picking the coffee and to process the cherries the only way they knew that wouldn’t necessitate additional energy inputs. Thus, the very first natural coffees of Costa Rica were born!

The farm has since refined the process, and today they produce unusually delicate and consistent natural coffees made possible only by the rigorous standards and strict control over processing that the mill implements. Only the ripest and most perfect cherries are processed using to the ‘Perla Negra’ method. After delivery to the mill, the cherries are soaked in clean water to remove any debris or dirt. They are then immediately delivered to African beds (raised beds) or patios, where they are slowly dried for between 15 to 22 days.