LIGHT ROAST, aroma boost

NATURAL Process 

Kayon Mountain farm is located in the southern Guji zone of Shakiso. The people are known as Gujii Oromo, and coffee farming has been a core part of the culture in the highland areas. It's a distinct coffee from Yirga Cheffe, and Sidamo. Geographically, culturally, and in terms of cup flavors, these southern coffees have a different flavor profile while maintaining the same general characteristics; citrus and floral accents, a lively cup character. Kayon Mountain farm is family owned and operated, which allows them to sell their coffee "direct". This particular lot was dry-processed (or "natural") lot from this farm, where the whole cherry is simply laid out to dry for about 1 month after being harvested. 

Tasting notes:

Grapefruit & Cane juices mix

When Cool

Maple and Wild Berries Candy / Medium and silky mouth feel

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