Guatemala Acatenango Wash Gesha



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Wet Process

Entertainment Indulgence with GESHA

Presenting one of the most prestigious varietals for our subscribers- Gesha is a naturally muted species in Coffea Arabica first discovered in the 1930s. Renowned in Panama and championships, the unforgettable intense floral notes and heavenly sweetness delivers a bouquet to you through a tasty cup with enormous clarity. It is our pleasure with passion to share with you a memorable tasting experience. Happy Lunar New Year!

And with this coffee from the region of Acatenango, we have a Gesha cup that expresses much of that floral intensity

Tasting Notes

Floral, with strong notes of jasmine Lemon & Lime Mix! When Cool Mandarin orange/Pink grapefruit/ Strawberry Green Tea/ Slightly Cocoa-like finish

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