Roaster's Choice of June - Nicaragua, Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara Red Honey


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LIGHT ROAST, aroma boost


Yellow turns into Red, let’s meet this Rare Jewel!

Nicaragua, Fincas Mierisch, Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara Red Honey

El Limoncillo, the most famous farm of Mierisch family in Nicaragua. They started to have their family auction “Los Favoritos Fincas Mierisch” since 2013 and successfully gains reputation by factors of uniqueness and professionalism.

El Limoncillo is on altitude 850-1150 feet. They are good at making full use of natural resources there and get the waterfall power generation to brighten up each variety’s characteristic. This lot of yellow Pacamara is on altitude 1200 feet. Yellow Pacamara is first plant at El Limoncillo and they spend four years in planting this rare variety.

Handpicked with extra care and was spotted by security guard on the farm. This lot of rare variety is harvested then used red honey process to bring its flavors into full play.

Light roasting level just right presents its vivid floral fragrance;
keeps its elegant flavors; produces a bright and clean finish.

Tasting Notes
Red Pomegranate / Floral / Honey sweetness / Black tea liked / Dried mango and
strawberry mixed / Mint

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