Ninety Plus Auction Lot - Limited Coffee Beans Travelers' Pack



Limited Coffee Beans Travelers' Pack

Ninety Plus Auction Lot - 95, 203 & 238

José Alfredo Gesha Series

Lot 203 and 238

José Alfredo is the General Manager of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama, and in 2016, his tiny 3 kilogram experimental lot was sent as a surprise to Ninety Plus Founder and Steward of Taste, Joseph Brodsky. Joseph was floored by the completely new flavor of this wild, industry norm shattering process. He encouraged José Alfredo to produce a series of these coffees at a slightly larger scale in 2017. The results represent Ninety Plus’ largest flavor innovation of the year. There are no coffees like this in the world outside of this series. This signature José Alfredo fermentation style delivers unprecedented complexity in the cup and promises an expanded future of the mind-boggling taste experiences displayed in this exciting series. If there are singular coffees that represent the great future of coffee, they are the coffees of the José Alfredo Gesha Series.

Classic Gesha Series

Lot 095

Auction Lot 095 represents a taste profile which is excellent and also typical of many early crop coffees at Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama. Relatively humid and rainy conditions persist during the early crop. With this combination, we observe positive woody tastes emerging to combine with the red fruit present through this fermentation style. A few special lots continue to defend a place on a table and compliment the best Ninety Plus coffees of the year. Love the good early crop. Brandy, wood tones, dark cherries. It reminds of the beautiful mists and rains mixed into the green of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.

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